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NTBSA Baseball information:

The Baseball division of NTBSA offers competitive player pitch Baseball programs for players aged 8-14 (age is determined as of May 1 of the current year).  NTBSA doesn't offer a recreational baseball program.

Players on competitive player pitch teams aged 8-18 play in the North Division of the Jefferson County Junior Baseball League (JCJBL now called Altitude Baseball).  JCJBL(Altitude Baseball) offers Competitive youth baseball for players aged 8-18.  All teams (teams will be based on age of the player as well as skill level) will participate in the JCJBL(Altitude Baseball) league games. 
Players looking for more of a challenge can play on one of our tournament teams.  In addition to JCJBL(Altitude Baseball) games these teams will also play in tournaments - the tournament teams will play together the entire year in JCJBL(Altitude Baseball) and in tournaments, these will be separate teams and will not be playing the other JCJBL(Altitude Baseball) league only teams.  Please Note – there is an additional cost and a bigger time commitment if you make a tournament team. 
NOTE - If you don’t make a tournament team, you will be on a competitive league team if you are selected at evaluations/Tryouts in July/August following each of the Spring Seasons.
NOTE2 – As noted above, teams will be decided based on your age as of May 1 (i.e. if you are 10 on April 30, you qualify to play for the 10U team and older and not the 9U team) and your skill level as determined at the tryout/assessment in July/August.  In most age groups there will be 4 levels of play, which allows players of similar skill levels to play together so there is a team that is tailored to your needs and age.  The programs offered for each specific age are:
·         Majors – The highest level of play available  
·         AAA, and
·         AA
In addition, Altitude offers Level III and Seniors programs for high school age players. The Level 3 program is for high school freshmen and sophomores and the Seniors program is for high school age teams composed of players who are not playing in the high school American Legion program, but who nonetheless want to participate in organized play during the summer.

NTBSA is always in need of coaches and other volunteers to keep our league running and to provide programs for our players. If you are interested in coaching please fill out the application through our online registration system.