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North Thornton Baseball and Safety Rules

North Thornton Baseball and Softball Association strives to create a playing environment that is fair and safe for all players at all ages and ability levels. With the leagues affiliation with the Jefferson County Junior Baseball League we will be following their rules as outlined here with additions as noted below.

The following rules apply to ALL age groups and all levels of play
Pitch Count
  • The Childs Safety is of the utmost importance
  • The pitch count log, needs to be completed each game and signed by the opposing team's coach or score keeper.  It MUST BE COMPLETED IN INK.
  • The coach needs to keep a team binder with all of their pitch count records for inspection by any board member from NTBSA.
  • Maximum pitch counts and max innings pitched will be checked and enforced.  Please see pitch logs for information on pitch counts and required days rest.  ALL teams will be following these rules even though JCJBL and USSSA rules go by innings.  NTBSA is enforcing pitch counts to protect a pitcher from throwing to many pitches in a given period of time.  EVERY TEAM MUST FOLLOW THESE RULES!  Coaches must follow both pitch count and a max inning rule - and whichever is met first will determine which one you need to follow. You can find a pitch log here
  • For example: If an 8 year old throws 2 innings and in the 3rd inning, with one out, he/she reaches 75 pitches during the middle of an at bat.  The pitcher may continue to finish THAT at bat, but has to be removed prior to the next batter coming to the plate.  The pitcher hadn't reached his max innings for the day, but reached the maximum number of pitches under NTBSA rules and has to be removed.
Minimum Playing rules
  • Every child must play in every game they attend even if they arrive late and haven't attended a practice.
  • Each player must play 6 consecutive defensive out and have at least one at bat.  If a game is called because of a run rule and a player did not meet their minimum play requirements, they are to be placed at the top of the lineup for the next game and they must start the next game.  The only exception to this rule is during actual tournaments.  If a tournament team is playing in JCJBL they must follow this rule during JCJBL league play. 
  • ALL Teams must bat their entire lineup for each game.  Batting order must remain constant for the entire game.  If a player arrives after the game starts, they are added to the bottom of the lineup.  If a player is injured or must leave a game, their position is simply removed - no outs will be recorded if a player must leave the game.
Consequences for not following NTBSA rules
  • The 1st time a rule is violated the coach will be warned about the rule violation
  • 2nd violation would be a one game suspension for the coach
  • 3rd rule violation would be a 2 game suspension for the coach
  • 4th rule violation would go to the board for a vote about relieving the coach of his duties or not.
Players Equipment
  • Metal spiked cleats are NOT allowed (exception: 13 and14 year old divisions)
  • All players must wear protective gear at ALL times (ex.: jockstrap or sliding shorts with a cup)-Not sure how else to word that
  • Heart guards are STRONGLY suggested, but are not required.
  • USSSA bat rules can be found here