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Forms - Accident and Insurance Information


13900 York Street
Thornton, Colorado 80602
Emergency Phone Numbers
Police Emergency 9-1-1
Medical Emergency 9-1-1
Fire Emergency 9-1-1
Rocky Mountain Poison Control 800-222-1222
North Suburban Hospital (9191 Grant, Thornton) 303-451-7800
Good Samaritan Hospital (I-287 n. of 144th in Lafayette) 303-689-4000
The Children’s Hospital Urgent Care (120th & 1st Ave. Broomfield) 720-777-1340
NTBSA Hotline 303-451-7447
Fire Non-Emergency 303-538-7602
Thornton Police Non-Emergency 720-977-5020
Thornton Traffic Engineering 720-977-6500
Adams County Social Services 303-412-8121
Colorado District 2 Main Number 303-252-0176
North Thornton Baseball and Softball Association

Code of Conduct:
  • 5MPH Speed Limit is to be obeyed at all times within the Northern Lights Complex. Watch for small children around parked cars.
  • No alcohol allowed in any parking lot, field, or common area within the Northern Lights Complex or at any league function.
  • No playing in parking lots at any time.
  • No profanity please.
  • No throwing rocks.
  • No swinging bats or throwing balls at any time within the walkways or common areas of the complex.
  • No throwing balls against fences, backstops or against dugouts.
  • No horse play in walk ways or on the field at any time.
  • No climbing fences within the complex.
  • No horses, ATVs or motorcycles are allowed in the common areas.
  • Only a player on the field and at bat or on deck. Be alert of the area around you while you are swinging the bat.
  • Keep the fields and spectator areas free of trash.
  • NTBSA will have a designated Board Member fully available for all game days at the Northern Lights complex and his/her contact information will be available at the concession stand  
  • Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated.
North Thornton Baseball and Softball Association

Safety Guidelines
Dedicated to Injury Prevention:
Responsibility for safety procedures should be that of the Safety Officer of North Thornton Baseball and Softball Association ("NTBSA").
  • All adult members of NTBSA are to assure compliance with the Safety Policies and Guidelines
  • Managers, coaches, and umpires should have training in first aid. First aid kits are issued to each team and are located in the Concession Stand.
  • No games or practices should be held when weather or field conditions are not good, particularly when lightning is in the area or lighting is not adequate
  • Coaches and umpires shall inspect the fields at the start of each game for holes, damage, stones, glass and other foreign objects.
  • All team equipment should be stored within the team dugout, or behind screens, and not within the area defined by the umpire as "in play".
  • Only players, managers, coaches and umpires are permitted on the playing field during games and practices. A team parent is allowed in the dugout.
  • Coaches shall not act as catchers during pitcher warm-ups or during batting practice
  • During practice and games, all players should be alert and watching the batter on each pitch.
  • During warm up drills, players should be spaced so that no one is endangered by wild throws or missed catches.
  • All pre-game warm-ups should be performed within the confines of the playing field.
  • Equipment should be inspected regularly for condition as well as proper fit.
  • Batters must wear approved protective helmets during batting practice and games.
  • Catchers must wear catcher’s helmet, mask, long model chest protector, shin guards and protective cup with athletic supporter at all times (males) for all practices and games. NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Managers should encourage all male players to wear protective cups and supporters for practices and games.
  • At no time should "horse play" be permitted on the playing field.
  • Parents of players who wear glasses should be encouraged to provide "safety glasses".
  • Players must not wear watches, rings, pins or metallic items during games and practices.
  • All accidents will be reported to the NTBSA Board Member on duty and subsequently to the Safety Officer and League President. See Appendix for forms
  • All teams should have a first aid kit available for all home and away games
  • The lightning meter should be turned on and in working order during scheduled games
  • A copy of the North Thornton Annual Safety Plan should be distributed to all board members, coaches and volunteers.  The plan should include local emergency contact as well as board member contact information
  • Each year, the league shall conduct background checks on all volunteers using the approved volunteer application form (appendix)
North Thornton Baseball and Softball Association 
Some Important Do’s and Don’ts:
Do …
  • Coaches have your player medical Clearance forms with you at all games and practices.
  • Reassure and aid children who are injured, frightened, or lost.
  • Provide, or assist in obtaining, medical attention for those who require it.
  • Clear the playing fields when the PA announcer has indicated a lightning warning in the area.
  • Know your limitations.
  • Carry your first-aid kit to all games and practices
  • Assist those who require medical attention and when administering aid, remember to call for help.
  • LOOK for signs of injury, (Blood, bruising, deformity of a joint, etc.)
  • LISTEN to the injured describe what happened and what hurts if conscious. Before asking questions, you may have to calm and comfort an excited child.
  • FEEL gently and carefully the injured area for signs of swelling, or grating of broken bone.
  • Make arrangements to have a cellular phone available at all games and practices or public phones at a minimum.
  • Encourage use of mosquito repellents when mosquitoes are active.
Don’t …
  • Administer any medication.
  • Provide any food or beverage for the inured person (other than water).
  • Hesitate to report any present or potential safety hazard to the NTBSA Board Member on duty.


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